The Hickory Withe Community Association met on Thursday, May 5th at 6:30 pm. President Bob Munns opened the meeting and recognized elected officials. Everyone enjoyed a tasty pot luck dinner.


Following the meal, President Munns gave the budget report as Treasurer, Becky Sue Evans, was out of town. (No report attached) The report was approved. The minutes from the April meeting were also approved.


The Vesta Show sign-up sheet is in the works.


Coming up……

The June meeting guest speaker will be a representative from the Veterans Home Project, July will host firemen and politicians; August will have a representative from the UT Extension Program.


President Munns introduced our speaker, Judge Jim Gallagher who spoke about the Carl Perkins Center for abused children. He explained how the center worked and the present status of the facility in Fayette County.  A short question and answer followed. A motion was made for the board to think about making a contribution to the project. The motion was not seconded but President Munns said the board would discuss it.



Joe Moore made the following announcements:

May 21st there will be a Community Breakfast from 7:30 am to 10:00 am at the First Baptist Hickory Withe Church to benefit  their Zak Pack ministry which sends home food with children that would not eat over the week end.

The Church's Haiti Trip will be in June this year and one of the young ladies going is trying to raise money for her trip by selling Boston Butts at $35 each. They will be ready for pick up on May 14. See Joe to order one.


Jane Mitchell reminded everyone of the Relay for Life  on May 20th in Somerville and encouraged everyone to come.

A motion was made to advance the Relay for Life $200 for their expenses. The motion was passed.



There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

Hello My Friends,


That sounds like a "Hello" from a politician approaching election day. Well that is not the case, as my term is not even half over yet, so each word is genuinely from the heart.


Again, helping improve education in Fayette is the reason I ran for this office. We have been blessed to  get a good school board seated and their chairman is top notch. They, in turn, hired a great superintendent, Dr. Marlon King and Dr. King hired Vincent Harvell as Assistant Superintendent of Finance. Last month I told you of some good initiatives they put in place. This is a monthly process, as they are making progress/improvements every month. They are not asking for additional money this budget year, because in the ongoing process, they are examining every department as to relevance, management quality, staffing and proper budgeting. They are correcting inefficiencies and doing all these improvements with the "found money". 


Even small details are being examined, such as, for many years the sports program has not had ice available for the football players when they were practicing in the 90+ degree heat. That is now corrected. There are many great students and in fact, the Mayor and Commissioners are honoring an OUTSTANDING senior, Tuesday, the 24th, at 7:00 PM. You should come and see these good things happening. We meet at the Criminal Justice Center in Somerville.


We are considering doing a drainage study on Cypress Creek from the County line east to 196. this is the first and required step to proceed with planning for orderly development up and down US64. It will be a slow and perhaps cumbersome process with many government  bodies having input in the process, such as our County Commission, Oakland, US Army Corps of Engineers, West Tn River Basin Authority, FEMA and possibly others. Will keep you posted to the best of my ability.


Here are a couple of things I hope you'll consider:


Relay for Life will be May 20th from 6-11 PM at Buckley-Carpenter Elementary School on Hwy 76 just south of the square in Somerville. Most families have lost members  to cancer and many families have cancer survivors. This event honors our loved ones and raises money to fight cancer. You do not have to stay the whole time, but come and have a good time playing games, listening to entertainment, eating & more eating. You may want to just sit and watch, so bring your lawn chair.


Then, the next day, Saturday morning, the 21st, 7:30-10:00AM, there is a community breakfast at First Baptist Church Hickory Withe, 17675 Hwy 196, which is about a half mile north of US64. You will be served bacon, sausage, biscuits, eggs, omelets, sausage gravy, chocolate gravy, grits, pancakes, waffles and plenty of hot coffee. Benefits the ZackPack Ministry serving Fayette County Schools. Donations appreciated.


It is a pleasure to serve the people of our County. Call me if you need me, 496-0247, or better yet email me.



Homer Bunker




Dollar General Update



I talked to the Supervisor on the Dollar General job.


They were working on the parking lot.  The end result of our conversation is they are going to put up about  4 ft of masonry wallboard that highly resembles stone.


The rest of the way up will be masonry board that looks like brick.  He said its very hard to tell that it is not block at a time masonry.  He also commented that this was one of the nicer stores DG puts up.  I told him the galvanized front gave me a different story and I was very  pleased with his  information. I am much relieved.


Thanks to all of you who fought the fight.  


Bob Munns