The Hickory Withe Community Association met on Thursday, June 2nd. President Bob Munns opened the meeting at 6:30 p.m. Elected officials and visitors were recognized. All enjoyed an excellent pot luck dinner.


It was approved to donate $200 to Relay for Life and $200 to Fire Departments 10 and 14 (to be split between them).


Olan Swaffer from the Nomination Committee presented the slate of officers for 2016-2017. The slate presented consisted of the same officers now serving: President, Bob Munns, Vice President, Jane Mitchell, Secretary, Joann Allen and Treasurer, Becky Sue Evans. No nominations were made from the floor. The officers will be voted on at the July meeting.


Jim Larkin and Chuck Thompson presented the plans to build a Veterans Home at the old Arlington Development Center. They asked all veterans to donate $100 in memory or honor of a veteran. The goal is to raise 7.2 million of the 74 million cost to raze and build a 144 bed facility.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.



Hello Everyone,


Our schools are one of many good things happening in Fayette County. Superintendent King and his staff have gained control of the spending of their resources and are directing those resources to the classroom for the education of our students. As an example, next year STEM/STEAM classes will be implemented in the schools, which provides the opportunity for students to engage in rigorous opportunities in the areas of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. This strengthens our academic program while encouraging students to utilize higher order thinking. Also, ART classes will be implemented in ALL schools, along with a gifted  program for the higher achievers. 


STAR Academy classes will be implemented in every grade level (K-8). This is an advanced class initiative that will challenge the students. Students will be in the classroom full-time. Other student programs are also being started/planned.


Additionally, our teachers have been underpaid for a long time. The Superintendent is giving raises as he wants to build a stronger teaching staff. In fact, he and his staff are removing all obstacles so they can be sure the right and best people are in every department. Commissioner of Education, Dr. Candice McQueen recently visited Fayette County Schools, to see for herself, some of the great things happening in Fayette Schools.


With good things happening inside, the outside also needs to give a good appearance, so all buildings are involved in facelifts. All these things are being done with Superintendent King and the School Board not asking for additional money.


We are about ready to finalize our budget for 2016/2017, which runs from July 1, through June 30. At this point, there is no tax increase, even though we are buying two new ambulances. We are being diligent in our efforts to provide the most for the least.


Summertime brings people outside for many activities that have inherent dangers such as activities involving water, four wheelers, etc., so please be careful and keep the kids safe. We want each and every one of you back for the beginning of the next school year. Have a great summer vacation.


It is a pleasure serving you,


Homer Bunker




Vesta Home Show Update



Hi Folks,


As you know the Hickory Withe Community Association is providing the volunteers for the Vesta show this year. We will soon have an online sign up at our website so be thinking about this. We will need a lot of volunteers and I know you won't let us down.


We will send another email as soon as the sign up on line is ready or you can reply to this email to let us know you are interested in helping.


Stay cool!


Bob Munns