Important Video Message From Our President


Bob Munns

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President Bob Munns opened the meeting at 6:30 p.m. Visitors and elected officials were recognized. All enjoyed an excellent pot luck dinner.


President Munns called the meeting back to order for a short business meeting. The minutes for the July meeting were approved along with the treasurer's report (attached). On hand that night were 3 members of the association who were there to sign up volunteers for working at the Vesta show in Oct. President Munns expressed his concern that the sign ups were going slowly and encouraged everyone present to help out.

A pancake breakfast on Aug. 27 will be held to help with the church's children's ministry.


James Hicks, from the Fayette County Chamber, announced the upcoming Cotton Festival on Sept 10th.


President Munns introduced our guests, Gail and Sue, sisters, who entertained us with their sweet singing voices.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m.



Joann Allen, Secretary

August 11, 2016




Dear Friends,


Well here we are with our students back in school. That thought can bring tears or shouts of rejoicing, such as, "boy, that was a long summer". And sometimes parents cry more than the student when Jr. goes into kindergarten or even first grade or when they go away to college and we look in their bedroom and realize we liked it better when it was messy with them in the midst. Yes, parenting is hard, if we do it right.


The brightest spot, to mention again regarding schools, is the Arise2Read program, which is key to all learning, because it teaches reading and comprehension. Many Fayette County churches will provide volunteers to help tutor our students. I will probably volunteer and, hopefully, a good number of you will also. Don't worry, you will be thoroughly briefed and trained in what to do. If your church has not joined the volunteer program, ask your pastor to contact Fayette County Schools, Mrs. Andrea Underhill at 901 361-8025, to set up a volunteer program.


Fayette Schools has the above and other great programs beginning, as well as other good things on the drawing board, which show this school system is finally beginning to function as a good system should. Enrollment is up and preliminary discussion is taking place regarding a new high school on this west side, in the vicinity of Oakland or perhaps slightly south of Oakland.


Folks, be sure to do your research and then vote in the November 8th election. This will likely be the most important election of our lifetime. Fayette early voting is from October 19th through November 3rd at the Election Commission, in Somerville. Satellite offices are Hickory Withe First Baptist Church, October 19th through 26th and Piperton Fire Department October 27th through November 3rd. The times are the same at all locations, which is 9:00am until 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday and 9:00am until 1:00pm Saturday.


Lastly, our Commission meeting on the 23rd at 7:00pm, will have an agenda item regarding our blighted homes ordinance. I plan to vote "no" on this, for many reasons, some of which are cost, growing government too big too fast, voting away our American freedoms and others which exceed my typing abilities. Growing government too big too fast eventually has to be paid for, which would involve tax increases and I am against tax increases to fund programs which are not properly analyzed.


It is a pleasure serving you and if needed, email me or call 901 496-0247.


Kindest regards,

Homer Bunker