Announcements from October's Meeting

·         The Hickory Withe Presbyterian Church Fall Festival will be on October 25th.

·         Jane Mitchell announced that volunteers were still needed at the Vesta Home Show. This year Fayette Cares is the designated charity. A sign-up sheet was available.

·         Joann Allen informed the group that Hickory Withe no longer has any representation on the county Budget Committee or the Fayette County Regional Planning Commission. She asked Mayor Skip Taylor to speak to this obvious absence of a presence from our district. The Mayor then came forward and spoke to the issue as well as the upcoming resolution on the November ballot concerning the sales tax increase of 1/2 cent to go toward keeping the emergency room open at the Methodist Hospital in Somerville and/or another ambulance for the county. If approved the increase would bring in approximately $700,000, 1/2 of which would have to go to the schools as per the law on sales tax revenue.

The Market at Hope.


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Canning and Cooking Contest


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Fayette Literacy Volunteer Opportunity


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Volunteer Opportunities at Fayette Cares


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For you Runners!

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We also had some fabulous entertainment....Coley and Marilyn Graves who played the hammered dulcimer and guitar. They were accompanied by Grover Westover.



If you missed last month's meeting, you missed a great time.  We had many visitors and a great time of fellowship. 


The Board prepared a budget that we were to present last night, but due to the amount of visitors, we opted to hold off discussion and voting for the Sept 4th meeting.  We passed out copies but did not have enough so see below for details as  promised.


Proposed Budget-HWCA

July 1,2014-June 30, 2015



Oakland Chamber.... $150

Fayette Chamber..... $125

Website.................... $90

Membership............ $200

Supplies................ $1800 

PO Rental.................. $48

HW Baptist Church..$1200


Total $3913


Bev. Avery

HWCA Secretary




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