JUNE 7, 2018



The meeting was called to order by President Bob Kenney followed by prayer led by Terry Leggett.  The Pledge of Allegiance was also led by Terry Leggett.

Officials attending included Mayor Skip Taylor, Homer Bunker, and Robert Sills.

The meeting was held at the Hickory Withe Presbyterian Church with approximately 75 in attendance.


Business included election of officers for the coming year.  All officers will stay the same, with Bob Kenney as President, Eddie Brewer as Vice President, Sandra Brewer as Secretary, and Merrel Miller as Treasurer.


The evening’s program was focused on the new I-40 Interstate exchange at Highway 196.


Mayor Taylor opened the presentation with an update on the interchange project which is expected to be completed by the end of October, 2018, weather permitting.


A representative of TDOT explained details of the road project and answered questions from the floor.


It was explained to the group that plans to widen Highway 196 to 4 lanes have not yet begun.  It was stated that it would take several years to approve and move forward on that plan.  Such a widening project would follow higher daily traffic counts on 196 than present counts indicate. The segment of  Highway 196 north of the I-40 interstate will be widened in near future, however.


There was discussion about safety issues with the increased traffic, as well as about what businesses might be built at the four corners of the interstate exchange.


It was suggested that concerned citizens might wish to ask the county commission for a traffic study of the area in question, especially the cross street intersections along 196 between Hwy 64 and the new interchange.


The next meeting of the association is Thursday, July 5th, 2018, at 6:30 pm. 

It will be a cookout to honor our fire department first responders, and it will be held in the gym of the Hickory Withe Baptist Church on Hwy 196.




Minutes submitted by Sandra Brewer, Secretary




Future Meetings






July 2018

First Responder Picnic

We will be voting on the nominations for officers


August 2018

Rescheduled:  Field Trip to UT Martin Extension Campus-dinner will be catered



Our meeting for May was an Open Topic Night plus a "Get to Know Your Neighbor" segment: Inice and Ed Patnode.  We also celebrated an early Cinco de Mayo with an array of Mexican dishes to enjoy.

At our April Meeting, the Fayette Academy Drama group shared excerpts from their upcoming spring musical, “Annie.” Here they are enjoying the potluck dinner provided by the Association

Above are the photos from our February meeting.  Somerville Banjo crafter, Tommy George, shared with us his local, handmade art of custom crafting banjos.  He and his business partner, Christian Stanfield, believe that banjos are extremely important to Tennessee’s musical heritage.  Their art was featured in this fall’s edition of Tennessee Home and Farm magazine.  We all enjoyed the performance.

This is our Cubby as result of the fundraiser we held in September for the Carl Perkins Child Abuse Center

Above photos are from our October Chili Cook-off.  The photo on the left are the judges...Jim & Janie Miller and Richard Volmer.   The large group are the participants in the cook-off.  The First place winners were Phil Henke and Charles Allen, with second places going to Jim Holley and Bob Kenney.

Thanks to all for a very successful fund raising event for the Carl Perkins Child Abuse Center.  The event was well attended, and we raised $1641 for this worthwhile charity.

For important information concerning the emergency helicopter service available to Fayette County Residents click Here.

Hello Everyone,


Here we are wrapping up another school year and getting ready for vacations. We want everyone safely back at the end of summer, so be careful as you do things which have inherent dangers, such as boats and water activities, zip lines, four wheelers, etc. Be careful and safe.
We just had our first republican primary election in Fayette County. The districts which have both republican and independent candidates will be running in the August election for the County Commission. The young man I endorsed to replace me, on the Commission, is Robert Sills and he won the republican contest to replace me. He does not have an opponent in the August election, so he has effectively been elected to replace me. He says he will continue sending these emails, monthly, to keep you abreast of events. You will like Robert, as he is a hard worker who is dedicated to government that represents every citizen equally and with the very least amount of intrusion in our lives. Make an effort to get to know him.
Our budget process is running a little slower this year, but we are hopeful it will be finalized in June and we get to vote approval on June 26th. We had some unexpected expenses, recently, that were not budgeted, which were close to a million dollars, but managed to scrape up funds to cover same. Even with such unexpected happenings, our new budget will NOT have a tax increase.
Schools are a favorite topic of mine and even though we are in the process of closing another great school year, there are many summer activities which involve our schools. They are too many to mention, with my limited typing skills, but you can stay informed through Superintendent King's communiques and postings in the Fayette Falcon.
An important meeting is coming up June 7, at 6:30 PM, at the Hickory Withe Presbyterian Church. on Donelson, one block west of Hwy 196. It involves the interchange at I-40 and Hwy 196. There may be an effort by Gallaway to come south across I-40 to annex some land. This previously came up and the commissioner who then represented this district, Joann Allen and I were opposed to the idea. We invite you to join us at this meeting, because decision makers will be there, some of whom are the County Mayor, a TDOT official and maybe several commissioners. This will also be in conjunction with the Hickory Withe Community Association meeting and it is pot luck. Bring a vegetable, salad, bread, dessert or something and join us. Eat at 6:30 and meeting starts at 7:00.
Thursday, May 24th, 6:30pm, the West Fayette Republican Club meets at Warren Community Church at 11800 US64. It also is pot luck, so bring something and join us. It will be a great time to catch up on political happenings and the election, past and future.
As always, it is a pleasure to serve as your commissioner. If you need me, email or call me at 901 496-0247.
Kindest regards,


Homer Bunker