These are photos of our Christmas Program for the Hickory Withe Community Association as we met at Hickory Withe Baptist Church on December 1.  We enjoyed music performed by R. S. V. P., The Mid-South’s Premier Men’s Chorus. This was the 4th year R.S.V.P., an Acapella group, has performed for HWCA. If you are interested in contacting R.S.V.P. they can be reached at for further information.


HWCA wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.




This month's meeting was held in Rossville, TN. President Munns opened the meeting 6:00 p.m. in the court room in Rossville, TN. Dinner was provided by Lenny's and enjoyed by all.


A brief business meeting followed. Jane Mitchell asked for $250 to purchase food for the Relay for Life and this was approved. Sandra Brewer, benevolence chairman, asked for $50 to send as a memorial to Fayette Cares in memory of Tom Nelson, this was also approved. Minutes from April were not approved and the budget report was not presented.


As we were eating Mayor Judy Waters gave a brief presentation on what was going on in Rossville. We all then followed the Mayor in our cars to the Inter Model rail yard, the Tire and Battery Company and the Volvo factory (in MS).


Everyone then made their own way home.



Secretary, Joann Allen



Hello Everyone,


Another school year is coming to a close.  A little sad as we think in only a few weeks our graduates will be leaving the nest and going off to college. Good parenting requires that we encourage them to go and get that education which will prepare them to meet the challenges which we all face and overcome in order to experience the good life. Three times my wife and I lived through a graduate leaving the nest and though we missed their presence in our home we were also blessed by the progress in their lives because of that higher education. You too will be blessed.


Last month one of our School Board members, Tracey Wade, resigned and this month we elected Alisa Logan to finish out that term, which ends August 31, 2018. Ms. Logan is a long time Fayette Countyian, well educated and has the potential to be a very positive force on the SB. The School Board and Supt. King continue to direct our schools to help our students attain the education they so need and deserve.


We are close to finalizing our 2017/2018 Budget and will vote on it in the next two or three weeks. We had a good revenue year, so after filling the growing needs, in all departments, and those departments budgeting personnel raises, there will be no tax increase. The schools are separate and they also budgeted large teacher raises, so they will have the ability to hire the best teachers for Fayette. A different matter is this is a property reassessment  year and that means more taxes are due if your assessment goes up. However, state law requires us to adjust the tax rate, so we do not collect more tax from you. In other words, there is a hidden, non voted tax increase if we don't adjust the tax rate. Accordingly, I believe the Commission will adjust the rate without hesitation, because we have surpluses.


Point of interest for the Hickory Withe area. An ad, in this week's Falcon, has map pictures and a meeting date of July 3, 2017, at 6:30 PM, at the Criminal Justice Center, in Somerville, a meeting regarding a major road plan. If you have a dog in the hunt, please attend that meeting.


The Hickory Withe Community Association meets Thursday, June 1st at 6:30PM at Hickory Withe First Baptist church. It is located one half mile north of US64 on Hwy 196. It is a community meeting, which is pot luck, so bring a little something and join us for a fun time of trivia.


It is a pleasure to serve as your commissioner. If you need me email or call me 496-0247.

Kindest regards,


Homer Bunker