There will be a pancake breakfast Saturday, Feb. 24 at the Hickory Withe Presbyterian Church 2420 Donelson Dr.  All donations will go to Fayette Cares.

Above are the photos from our February meeting.  Somerville Banjo crafter, Tommy George, shared with us his local, handmade art of custom crafting banjos.  He and his business partner, Christian Stanfield, believe that banjos are extremely important to Tennessee’s musical heritage.  Their art was featured in this fall’s edition of Tennessee Home and Farm magazine.  We all enjoyed the performance.

This is our Cubby as result of the fundraiser we held in September for the Carl Perkins Child Abuse Center

March 1st program: 


We will have a representative from Chickasaw Electric Cooperative to speak at this meeting.


April 5th program: 


 We have asked the director of the Fayette Academy Theater group to entertain us with some clips from their spring musical, “Annie” in April. 

Above photos are from our October Chili Cook-off.  The photo on the left are the judges...Jim & Janie Miller and Richard Volmer.   The large group are the participants in the cook-off.  The First place winners were Phil Henke and Charles Allen, with second places going to Jim Holley and Bob Kenney.

Thanks to all for a very successful fund raising event for the Carl Perkins Child Abuse Center.  The event was well attended, and we raised $1641 for this worthwhile charity.

For important information concerning the emergency helicopter service available to Fayette County Residents click Here.

February 1, 2018



Eddie Brewer, Vice President, called the meeting to order.


Homer Bunker led the prayer and Terry Leggett led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Elected officials present included Mayor Skip Taylor, Homer Bunker, and Terry Leggett.


Total attendance was approximately 42 people.


The pot luck meal was followed by our Meet Your Neighbors segment.   Jim and Debbie Norton shared with the group some very interesting information about themselves.


The program for the night was a very fascinating and entertaining presentation by two banjo crafters, Tommy George and Christian Stanfield.  These guests told the group how they joined together to produce wonderful musical instruments.  They brought several of their hand-crafted banjos and other stringed instruments, and played a few tunes, as well.


Announcements included the Fayette Cares plant sale and golf tournament which are planned for April.


The next meeting of the association in March will feature John Collins of Chickasaw Electric as our speaker.


The meeting was adjourned.


Minutes submitted by Sandra Brewer, Secretary




Hello Everyone,


Hope all had great holidays, enjoyed the blessings of 2017 and are looking forward to good things happening in Fayette County this year. We began the year with a cold, icy blast and I hope you managed to avoid accidents or falls.


Your County Commission started the year with committee meetings earlier this month. We have our regular Commission meeting this Tuesday (23rd) at 7:00PM. Nothing eventful happening, but come and participate if you wish. We'll look at our calendar of upcoming events, which will include the step by step budget process, that will begin very soon. Will keep you posted.


Our Primary Election qualifying deadline is February 15 and the Primary Election is May 1st, with the General Election August 2nd for county offices, such as commissioners and school boards. Encourage some good candidates to get involved in our government.


Dr. Marlon King continues doing a great job directing the education of our students in Fayette. However, at this point, the discussion of a high school in the west end of Fayette is beginning to take on emphasis and I want to tell you about "Multi Purpose Government Buildings", which I first proposed in 1990, when I was with Shelby County Schools. The question then and now is why is it necessary to have individual buildings for all government entities? Individual government entities can be segregated in the same building and save we taxpayers millions and millions in property costs, maintenance, duplication, utilities, transportation, etc, plus provide residual benefits. I'll try to explain. An architect can design a school building so the school is the main focus of the building, but other government entities can be located in different wings or concourses and not disturb or interfere with the school. Example; schools have libraries for our students and then a block down the street is a $100,000,000 public library. WHAT A WASTE! That public library should be in the school for a single cost. Another example; most schools have at least one deputy sheriff walking the halls. Why not have a police station or substation in the same building, not only saving millions, but protecting our students and staff. Another example; Child care center is a natural mix of children with children and great for young teachers with babies and preschoolers, so they have their children on the same premises where they teach.


Many other things can be included, such as Assessors office; Registers office; City Hall; School administrators and school board offices and the list goes on and on as does the savings. I'm putting this in the discussion pot and hoping some of you will contact Dr. King and Mayors Taylor, Goodman and Coats, as well as attend meetings when this is discussed.


Our West Fayette Republican Club meets Thursday(25th) at 6:30, at Warren Church on US64. Rep. Ron Gant is our speaker. It is potluck, so bring a dish and join us. No, you do not have to be a republican as we welcome all.


Again, thank you for allowing me to serve as your commissioner. If you need me, email or call me at 901 496-0247.


Kindest regards,

Homer Bunker