November 7, 2019



                The Hickory Withe Community Association Meeting and Pot Luck was called to order at 6:30 by President Becky Sue Evans. Pastor Barcroft opened with a prayer and blessing on the food. Jess Evans led the company in the Pledge to the flag. There were 43 individuals present including: State Senator Dolores Gresham, Pastor Doug Barcroft, Fayette County Mayor Skip Taylor, and County Commissioners, Jim Norton and Bobby Sills. 

                The Thanksgiving Pot Luck supper was enjoyed by all! Patrick’s Restaurant catered the delicious turkey, stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce while the sides and desserts were prepared by the wonderful member “Chefs and Bakers”. The Hospitality team decorated and set up the buffet. It was truly a festive dining experience!

                The business portion of the evening covered several items. Becky Sue Evans discussed the importance of protecting our current assets as a “rainy day fund”, and using fundraisers to help support our charitable donations which amount to a budgeted $600, and are not fully covered by the income generated by our dues. As a benevolent organization we contribute to the following: Fayette County Fire Department; Friends of Fayette County Animal Shelter; the Cark Perkins Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse; The American Cancer Society/ Relay for Life; Fayette Cares; and the Imagination Library.

                HWCA member Sydney Magsig made an impassioned plea for all of us to be more engaged in helping our membership grow. (As an aside, we are the only community association in Hickory Withe that is dedicated to serving our area. The 2000 census reported that our population was 2,574 and we have certainly grown since then. Our meeting attendance fluctuates around 30 to 35 members per month. We are a very small percentage of the population).

                Our Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction will be held on February 29th at the HW Presbyterian Church. The dedicated women who cook for the HW Presbyterian Church dinners have agreed to cater our spaghetti dinner. Becky Sue displayed the beautiful quilt she is offering for bidding for the silent auction and has asked each of the members to thoughtfully select an item to provide to help our silent auction be a successful fund raiser.

Each December, we give our members the opportunity to make a personal contribution to support the effort to “give a little Christmas” to the “Mother’s Club” of Gallaway. There are about 70 mothers/ grandmothers who a part of this group raising children and grandchildren on their own. Jane Mitchell, Benevolence  Chairperson, indicated that towel sets or a gift card ($25) would be a wonderful gift. These can be brought to our December 5th General Meeting and Pot Luck Supper.   

Additionally, we have created the “Joe Moore Leadership Fayette Scholarship” to honor our dear friend and HWCA workhorse! Debbie Norton presented the application to the general membership and has asked for interested persons to indicate their desire to attend “Leadership Fayette”. A basket will be on display at each meeting for contributions to the $350 scholarship fee. Any shortfall will be made up by the HWCA bank account. 

Jeanie and Joe Moore’s daughter, Tracy Smith, spoke on behalf of her family to thank us for offering the scholarship in her father’s name and let us know of her father’s love for HWCA and his commitment to lead by example and to serve others. She pointed out that he was well known to use humor to bring people together!

We were very pleased to have State Senator Dolores Gresham as our keynote speaker. She covered many important issues that relate to Hickory Withe. Senator Gresham spoke of “Institutional Discipline” and the affect this positive mindset has had on the governance of our state. Tennessee is #1 in the nation in workforce development, small business job growth, industry job growth, and first in the nation for fiscal stability. She indicated that literacy in the state is her main concern and focus. Tennessee 4th graders rank in the top 25 states for math! Our state is frequently cited as an educational innovator.

When the legislature reconvenes in the new year, Senator Gresham’s first and foremost target is literacy.

Happy Thanksgiving! The next Hickory Withe General Meeting and Pot Luck Supper will be held on December 5th. The HWCA will provide ham for the entrée. The Bowen Family singers will entertain with seasonal music.


Submitted by Liz Klepko, Secretary HWCA



Note from the President




As we plan the Spaghetti Dinner and Auction, scheduled for February 29, 2020, the question arises of why we need to do a fund-raiser when there is money in the bank. Let me tell you two reasons, as I see it.


First, Hickory Withe Community Association is like a beautiful house that has been the work of many years. If we imagine this house as something we care for and are proud of, then the CD that we continue to keep in the bank is like the roof that keeps us safe from the coming storms. We don’t want to start burning the furniture, and definitely don’t want to start tearing off shingles and burning them, just because we are feeling too old or too tired to go out and chop wood, or because we already done chopped wood. If we want to see the next generation continue to enjoy the wonderful community of Hickory Withe, then we really just have to keep chopping wood.


Second, when my fellow board members and I volunteered to serve, we made an unspoken agreement with this association that we would protect and guard its assets. I have done some research about this and here are a couple of things I’d like to point out (from


1. Board members provide the critical intellectual capital and strategic resources to power nonprofit success and strengthen communities.


2. One of the primary responsibilities of the board is to ensure that the organization has adequate financial resources to carry out its mission. Nonprofits — like businesses, families, and individuals — need to save for a rainy day.


We are planning our fundraisers for 2020 in the hope that we can continue to save for a rainy day, while maintaining our support of the community and donations to local groups such as the Carl Perkins Center for Abused Children and our local First Responders. We have recently expanded our community programs to include the Joe Moore Scholarship to Fayette Leadership Academy. We can’t expand, or even maintain, our programs on a long-term basis without fundraisers.


I’m about to ask y’all to fill the various needs that we have for the Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction and to request that each of you provide something really nice for the auction. I’m going to lead out in this effort by donating a quilt I just finished, and I hope that y’all will find a meaningful way to participate in this fundraiser.


Finally, let me remind y’all that raising funds shows our enthusiasm about this organization and its programs. However, most people do not give unless someone asks them to give. We ask the community to support us because our programs are worthwhile, and our association itself is a great benefit and strength to the community.


Information Resource: BoardSource 750 9th Street NW, Suite 650 Washington, DC 20001-4793

Future Meetings





December 5th


 Christmas Dinner with the Bowen Family Singers


January 2nd


Laura Winfrey-Director of Fayette County Library


January 31st


Spaghetti Dinner/Silent Auction


February 6th


Fayette County Mayor, Skip Taylor discusses tax structure for county


March 5

Expected performance by Irish Dancers






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Hello fellow Fayette County Citizens and Friends!
Spring has finally sprung and I hope you all are enjoying the sunshine and beautiful weather as much as I am.  Our County is continuing to grow and thrive and I believe it is a place we can all be proud to call home.  The last few months have been very active and we will see increased activity over the next few months as we begin deliberating over the budgets for the County.  I would encourage each of you to get involved and attend a County Commission meeting so that you can hear first hand how your dollars are being disbursed.  
Most recently we have received numerous letters, calls, and complaints about the trash on the roads, especially in the more rural areas, and we are taking action.  Last week during Development Committee we recommended reallocating funds from the litter department to the Sheriff’s Office.  The individual who was overseeing the litter pick-up is retiring and this will give us a more active response with the Deputies and inmates running the trash clean-up efforts.  I believe you will quickly begin to notice a cleaner County and at little to no increased cost!
Our County Schools are also continuing their great work and more than just a few have taken notice.  Within the last few weeks our Governor, Bill Lee, took a tour of Fayette-Ware’s College, Career, and Technical Education programs and stated he was highly impressed with the things he saw happening.  Most recently the new TN Commissioner of Education, Dr. Penny Schwinn toured Oakland Elementary’s classrooms and had in-depth discussion with the teachers and staff there.  Having the leaders of Tennessee come to our schools just further shows that we are on the move in the right direction.  Let Dr. King know how much you appreciate his and the members of the school board’s efforts to make education in Fayette County a priority!  Great job team!
Last, but not least, Easter is tomorrow!  I know this day will be filled with egg hunts and family meals, but I hope you will all take time out of your day to celebrate the Risen Savior!
“ For God so loved the world, that he gave His only son...”. Happy Easter Fayette County!
Our next Commission meeting is Tuesday at 7:00 in the Justice Complex in Somerville.  Please reach out if I can serve you in any way. 
Robbie Sills