April  2019




The meeting opened with prayer and the pledge to the flag.

Attendance was 28.


Following the business reports,  announcements were made including the request from a fire department representative concerning visible addresses at our homes.  He admonished the group that first responders must be able to quickly identify a home with numbers that are easily visible.  A First Responders cook out is planned for July and will honor these volunteers.


Another upcoming effort will be Relay for Life which will be held on May 18th in Somerville to raise funds for the fight against cancer.


Haley Duffey from the Carl Perkins Center for Prevention of Child Abuse spoke to the group.  She gave an interesting presentation and update about this very important facility in Fayette County.


The next HWCA meeting on May 2, 2019, will be about the Neighborhood Watch effort that is in progress across the county.  David Larkin will speak about this topic.


The May meeting will begin with a Cinco de Mayo theme and Mexican food will be served.


The meeting was adjourned.



Minutes taken by Sandra Brewer, Secretary

Future Meetings







May 2019


Hickory Withe Neighborhood Watch Organization - David Larkin


June 2019


Tammy George/Christian Stanfield -  Vintage Victrola Music


July 2019


First Responders Event



Photos from April Meeting

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For important information concerning the emergency helicopter service available to Fayette County Residents click Here.

Hello fellow Fayette County Citizens and Friends!
Spring has finally sprung and I hope you all are enjoying the sunshine and beautiful weather as much as I am.  Our County is continuing to grow and thrive and I believe it is a place we can all be proud to call home.  The last few months have been very active and we will see increased activity over the next few months as we begin deliberating over the budgets for the County.  I would encourage each of you to get involved and attend a County Commission meeting so that you can hear first hand how your dollars are being disbursed.  
Most recently we have received numerous letters, calls, and complaints about the trash on the roads, especially in the more rural areas, and we are taking action.  Last week during Development Committee we recommended reallocating funds from the litter department to the Sheriff’s Office.  The individual who was overseeing the litter pick-up is retiring and this will give us a more active response with the Deputies and inmates running the trash clean-up efforts.  I believe you will quickly begin to notice a cleaner County and at little to no increased cost!
Our County Schools are also continuing their great work and more than just a few have taken notice.  Within the last few weeks our Governor, Bill Lee, took a tour of Fayette-Ware’s College, Career, and Technical Education programs and stated he was highly impressed with the things he saw happening.  Most recently the new TN Commissioner of Education, Dr. Penny Schwinn toured Oakland Elementary’s classrooms and had in-depth discussion with the teachers and staff there.  Having the leaders of Tennessee come to our schools just further shows that we are on the move in the right direction.  Let Dr. King know how much you appreciate his and the members of the school board’s efforts to make education in Fayette County a priority!  Great job team!
Last, but not least, Easter is tomorrow!  I know this day will be filled with egg hunts and family meals, but I hope you will all take time out of your day to celebrate the Risen Savior!
“ For God so loved the world, that he gave His only son...”. Happy Easter Fayette County!
Our next Commission meeting is Tuesday at 7:00 in the Justice Complex in Somerville.  Please reach out if I can serve you in any way. 
Robbie Sills