August 9, 2018


A group of 23 association members went to the campus of UT Martin, Somerville, for the August meeting of the Hickory Withe Community Association.


The meeting began with a prayer by Jim Holley and the pledge led by Joe Moore.

Following the meal, Kara Tapp, the director of the campus, spoke to the group about the school and its programs and course offerings.  Mrs. Tapp and Molly McCarley led a tour of the beautiful, state of the art facility.


 The Somerville campus of UT Martin opened in 2017 and its enrollment is consistently growing.  Most of the students attending are from a 60 mile radius and most are able to receive scholarships or grants.  The graduates of the school will receive the same UT diploma that is given out in the other UT system campuses.


There are also classes that can be audited by senior citizens at a very modest cost.


The meeting adjourned after the presentation and tour.



Minutes submitted by Sandra Brewer, Secretary

First Responders Cookout

July 5, 2018

Future Meetings





September 2018


Trivia Night



New I-40 Interstate exchange at Highway 196 Update

June 7, 2018

Our meeting for May was an Open Topic Night plus a "Get to Know Your Neighbor" segment: Inice and Ed Patnode.  We also celebrated an early Cinco de Mayo with an array of Mexican dishes to enjoy.

At our April Meeting, the Fayette Academy Drama group shared excerpts from their upcoming spring musical, “Annie.” Here they are enjoying the potluck dinner provided by the Association

Above are the photos from our February meeting.  Somerville Banjo crafter, Tommy George, shared with us his local, handmade art of custom crafting banjos.  He and his business partner, Christian Stanfield, believe that banjos are extremely important to Tennessee’s musical heritage.  Their art was featured in this fall’s edition of Tennessee Home and Farm magazine.  We all enjoyed the performance.

This is our Cubby as result of the fundraiser we held in September for the Carl Perkins Child Abuse Center

Above photos are from our October Chili Cook-off.  The photo on the left are the judges...Jim & Janie Miller and Richard Volmer.   The large group are the participants in the cook-off.  The First place winners were Phil Henke and Charles Allen, with second places going to Jim Holley and Bob Kenney.

Thanks to all for a very successful fund raising event for the Carl Perkins Child Abuse Center.  The event was well attended, and we raised $1641 for this worthwhile charity.

For important information concerning the emergency helicopter service available to Fayette County Residents click Here.

Hello Folks,


     Here we are in the heat of summer and just turned mid year about three weeks ago. School supplies are on sale everywhere, which is a sure sign school will be starting real soon. If you haven't vacationed yet, you better hurry so the children will be enthused and ready to start school.
     Speaking of schools, I continue to be enthused about the progress in all aspects of our schools. The academic curriculum continues to grow and become more challenging. An example is the hiring of Mr. William Bedwell to direct the corps marching band at Fayette-Ware Comprehensive High School. He has a master of music degree. The second hire is Mrs. Bethany Rundell. She will lead the consolidated band program at Fayette-East Junior High. Mrs. Rundell has a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education from UT Martin  Our schools continue to make rapid progress because Dr. King and his staff are staffing every department with top notch personnel to assure that every department is 100% successful in providing our students the best education available ANYWHERE. Many, many other good things taking place in our schools, but my poor typing limits my ability to tell you about them. You can go online and see it all.
     Other school systems are asking what we are doing because they want to emulate us. Another sign of success is students are returning to Fayette and our numbers are increasing as is indicated in the increase in BEP funding from the State. If this continues, and I believe it will, we are likely to have one of the best public school systems in the State within five years.
     As stated last month, Fayette is growing and the pace is increasing rapidly. We are preparing to fill the jobs with an educated work force, thanks to our schools. Sewer line is coming west on US64 from Oakland to Hwy 196. Our chances are rapidly improving that we may get a hospital emergency room in the western portion of Fayette.
     The Fayette County Commission approved a referendum to be put on the ballot to let we the voters decide if we want to approve a 1/2% sales tax increase. We have not had a tax increase in 27 years, but if we have one, the sales tax is preferable over the property tax. Keep an open mind until you hear all the facts. As an example, 1/2 of the money will go to our schools and they are needing to build a high school here in the west end. Also, need to build a VoTech school. The other 1/2 of the money will be spread over various needs which the Mayor will explain, but some portion of it will be used as an incentive to get us a medical facility out here. Don't know the nature of the incentive yet, but it may involve running sewer lines and other utilities to the area, etc.
     For information, We are having a breakfast in the morning, the 21st, at First Baptist Church Hickory Withe from 7:30 until 10:00. It is located on Hwy 196, about 1/2 mile north of US64. Your donation will benefit the Schools through our ZacPack Ministry. I don't believe there is a better breakfast in this country. I'm getting there about 7:30, so come and eat with me.
     Again, I will not try to tell you who to vote for, because you are capable of doing your research and making your own decisions, However, I will mention three of the votes I intend to cast and I have good reasons to do so. Terry Leggett for commissioner; Rick Jewel for sheriff; and Bill Lee for governor. Call or email me if you need to hear the reasons. Oh yes, early voting will be at First Baptist Church Hickory Withe the 26th, 27th from 9AM to 4PM and Saturday, the 28th from 9AM until 1PM. Election day is August 2nd from 7AM until 7PM and you vote in your precinct.
     As always, it is a pleasure to serve as your commissioner. If you need me, email or call me at 901 496-0247.
Kindest regards,
Homer Bunker