March  2019


The Hickory Withe Community Association met on March 7, 2019.

The meeting opened with prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.


The reports to the membership included plans to help Fire Chief Jason Bryd’s family.  A donation has been made, and a sympathy card was sent from the association. Future plans are also being made for the July First Responder’s dinner to continue to honor the sacrifice of this family and the other first responders for our area.  Mark Antonetti from the local fire department spoke to the group about the need for additional volunteers.


Bob Munns is working on a nominating committee who will present a roster in June of new officers for the community association. The election of officers will be in July.


The night’s program was presented by Mike Swain of Swain Wealth Partners.  He gave very helpful tips about finances in general, but also specifics about the changes in tax laws that might impact many of us. His presentation was interesting and enlightening.


The new Neighborhood Watch effort was discussed by David Larkin.


The meeting was adjourned.



Minutes taken by Sandra Brewer, Secretary

Future Meetings




 March 2019


Presentation on current tax law - Mike Swain, Financial Planner


 April 2019


Presentation by Halley Duffy, Director of Carl Perkins Child Abuse Center


May 2019


Hickory Withe Neighborhood Watch Organization - David Larkin



Photos of our December Meeting

First Responders Cookout

July 5, 2018

New I-40 Interstate exchange at Highway 196 Update

June 7, 2018

For important information concerning the emergency helicopter service available to Fayette County Residents click Here.

Hello Friends, Family, and Neighbors! 


I hope you have all had a wonderful week.  I want to apologize for my delinquency in updating you all on the general goings on of the County- the last few months have a been a whirlwind of activities and we are starting to settle back into routine now.  


As many of you know, Hickory Withe lost a hero recently- Fire Chief Jason Byrd passed away at the scene of a fire on Monday February the 18th.  I know from the time I spent with friends and family at the hospital that evening to the stories and recollections i have heard throughout our community that Mr. Byrd was loved and appreciated by all that knew him.  I hope you all will continue to join me in prayer for his wife Jamie and their two children. If you would like to assist the family monetarily, there has been a fund set up at Citizen's Bank- The Jason Byrd Fund.  All donations go directly into a trust for the two children.


Our County School System continues to do great things! 

Under the direction and leadership of Supt. King and Chairman Doll our school system is quickly becoming one of the BEST in the state. Most recently we worked together with the school system, Sheriff Riles, and the County Commission to bring 3 School Resource Officers to the high and middle schools.  In today’s world this is a much needed and welcomed resource for the children of Fayette County.  These are just a couple of the reasons I believe we have the right leadership in place and we can all feel comfortable getting behind and supporting our public school system. 


A few other points of interest... Our ambulance director- Glen Miller- has been instrumental in securing grants for 2 new ambulances.  We received bids last week and hope to have these much needed units on the street by the end of May.   We are currently running 5 ambulances so these two units will provide a much needed reliability that all Fayette County citizens will appreciate and benefit from and as an added bonus, because of the grants, we were able to purchase both of these units at much less than the normal cost of one unit.  Thank you Glen!


Last month the commission and it’s committees heard argument for and against a re-zoning request in the Williston area.  This was a very passionate debate on both sides, however after hearing all of the points of each side, the commission sided with the majority of the neighbors and chose to deny this request by a 19-0 measure.  It was very good to see your entire body of elected officials on the same page. 


Your County Commission board meets every 4th Tuesday of the month in the Justice Complex in Somerville.  I would encourage all of you to attend a meeting and look for ways to get involved.  This County is growing by leaps and bounds and there are many exciting times ahead! 


Spring is right around the corner!


God Bless you all!

Commissioner Robert Sills