·  September program:


   Meet Your Neighbor family will be Homer and Betty Bunker


Speakers will be Fayette Co Mayor Skip Taylor and Sheriff Bobby Riles – the blank index cards on your tables are for questions you would like to ask the mayor or the sheriff.


September is also when we will have a spaghetti dinner to raise funds for the Carl Perkins Center


·  October program:


Meet your Neighbor family will be Jane and Jim Mitchell.  We have asked Jane to include some local history of Hickory Withe.


We will have a chili cook-off at the October meeting – Plan to bring your best recipe, including wild game.


·  November program:


Thanksgiving theme – Give Thanks Potluck Dinner and Music provided by the Anderson Family-Celtic and Spiritually uplifting instrumentals and vocals


·  December program:


    Christmas party with Hand Bell Choir Christmas music by Becky Sue Evans



·  January program:  


    Tentatively Dr. Barton Thrasher will speak on health issues



   We're in the process of developing a calendar of events.  Click here to see what is happening in the upcoming months.  As we have events scheduled, they will appear on the calendar.



  August 3, 2017


President Bob Kenney called the meeting to order.

Jim Holley led the prayer.

Joe Moore led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Elected officials present included Terry Leggett, Homer Bunker and School Board member, Russ Holcomb.


Attendance at the meeting was approximately 50 persons.


After the pot luck meal, President Kenney began the business followed by reports from the new board. President Kenney asked the group to use the blank cards on the tables to make suggestions of any kind to the board. He reported that the association gave $100.00 to each of Hickory Withe’s volunteer fire stations. The board decided to keep the amount to $100 for each station for a total of $200.00.


Vice President, Eddie Brewer, reported on the upcoming programs for the year.


Secretary, Sandra Brewer, presented the minutes from the July meeting.  The minutes were approved   after a motion to approve by Gail Morgan and a second by Jane Mitchell.


Treasurer, Merrel Miller, gave the treasurer’s report and it was approved.  He also asked the membership to fill out new rosters on the tables with correct contact information.


Jane Mitchell, Benevolence, reported on a sympathy card to Joe Moore whose sister passed away.


Jane Mitchell, Membership, asked the members to spread the word about the HWCA in their respective neighborhoods and areas.


Hospitality sign-up sheets went around for October, November, and December.  Sheets also were passed around for the upcoming Spaghetti Dinner Fund Raiser on September 7th, for the Carl Perkins Center.


A new segment, “Meet Your Neighbor,” was kicked off well by Harold and Helyn Keith.  They each shared interesting information about their history and about living in the Hickory Withe area. Next month we will hear from the Bunker family.


The program for the evening concerned the newly opened Fayette County location of the Carl Perkins Center, a facility which targets the prevention and treatment of child abuse.  Both Judge Jim Gallagher and Coordinator Haley Duffy spoke about this organization and its unique service to families and children in Fayette County. Our association plans to help this worthy cause by holding a fund raiser in September where the proceeds will go to the Carl Perkins Center of Fayette County.


After announcing our next meeting, September 7, 2017, the membership enjoyed homemade ice cream and the meeting was adjourned.



Minutes submitted by Sandra Brewer, Secretary.



Hello Fayette County,


The summers go fast. Almost no time ago we announced another school year was ending and now we are announcing the start of another school year. Hope you had good, safe vacations and have prepared to get our students off to another good start. Some of you may be saddened as your child leaves the nest to go away to college. But think of the blessing you have, knowing you worked so hard helping them attain this education, which they will so need to accomplish their own goals and thereby live the good American life. In other words, you have been successful in parenting your child to prepare for adulthood and making those life decisions that determine if they successfully accomplish their goals.
Our Fayette County Schools continue to make strong progress toward becoming a great public school system. Dr. King has gained control of the Schools budget and thereby made wise decisions in additions, purchases and provisions to enable staff to accomplish their charge. He has continued to strengthen staff with additions in key positions. He raised teacher salaries to levels well above the State average, which means we are getting a stronger teaching staff. He continues to improve the curriculum to prepare our students for the best opportunities for their higher education.
We approved our 2017/2018 budget in June. July is the beginning of our new fiscal year and the County is in good financial condition. With improving economic conditions, Fayette is positioned to get some good businesses located here. That is always good, not only for jobs, but businesses need to pay the taxes for growth, so we do not have to raise your individual taxes. All is quiet on the political front and that is what you want to hear from a bunch of politicians.
A couple of things you may be interested in: The West Fayette Republican Club meets in a different location Thursday, July 27. It will meet at Gallaway City Hall, 333 Old Brownsville Road. Pot luck dinner, so bring something to share such as a dish, vegetable or dessert. Eat at 6:30 and program starts at 7:00.
The Hickory Withe Community Association meets Thursday, August 3, at Hickory Withe First Baptist Church, on Hwy 196, one half mile north of US64. Meeting starts at 6:30 and there will be home made ice cream! It is pot luck, so bring a dish, vegetable, bread, salad or dessert or something and join us for a good time.
It is a pleasure to serve as your commissioner. If you need me, email or call me at 901 496-0247.
Kindest regards,
Homer Bunker