These are photos of our Christmas Program for the Hickory Withe Community Association as we met at Hickory Withe Baptist Church on December 1.  We enjoyed music performed by R. S. V. P., The Mid-South’s Premier Men’s Chorus. This was the 4th year R.S.V.P., an Acapella group, has performed for HWCA. If you are interested in contacting R.S.V.P. they can be reached at for further information.


HWCA wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.



President Bob Munns called the meeting to order and recognized visitors and elected officials. All enjoyed a delicious pot luck dinner.

Following our dinner the meeting was called back to order. Treasurer, Becky Sue Evans, presented the budget report which was approved.

Secretary, Joann Allen, was not present but the minutes were on the table and they were approved.


There was a vote to use the association's checking account to pay for the use of the building each month and this was approved.

Tonight everyone brought a childhood picture of themselves and others tried to match the picture up to the person. This was a fun time.

Terry Leggett gave a report on what he and his wife, Sandy, had experienced at the inauguration  of President Trump. County Mayor,

Skip Taylor, gave reports on various happenings in the county: Spring Road clean up will be on a Sat. in March or April. All residents

of the county are now covered by Hospital Wing.

Our guest speakers in March will be the Mayor of Oakland, Chris Goodman and Oakland's Chairperson of the Oakland Chamber of

Commerce, Patty Krepela.

Last month new signs were handed out to members to put out in good locations prior to the meeting. This is the list: Bob Munns (2),

Bob Kenney (4), Becky Sue Evans (1), Jane Mitchell (1), Ella Morris (1), JoAnn Stallings (1).

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Joann Allen, Secretary





A Belated Happy New Year to Everyone,


Hope your year continues to improve as each day emerges. Our new leader has been inaugurated and optimism is in the air. Hopefully, he will succeed in many of the objectives he has announced, especially with regard to bringing control of education back to state and local level.


We continue to be excited about the progress Dr. King is making with his vision for educating our students in Fayette County. The ARISE2Read program is intended to have all students reading at grade level in 3rd grade, because reading and comprehension is the very basis of learning. He has created the curriculum for the STEM program which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Staff has also created the first system wide professional learning institute for all employees, so they can have ongoing training and professional development. In coming years, we expect our education system, in Fayette, to be second to none in Tennessee.


The County Commission is dealing with general day to day business and nothing of significance at this time. We will be involved with the process of creating our 2017/2018 budget in coming weeks. Revenues have been sufficient, so I do not anticipate anything like a tax increase.


Here are a couple of community events, which I hope will interest you:


Our West Fayette Republican Club meeting is tomorrow evening, Thursday the 26th. Commissioners Terry Leggett and I will be speaking about the County Commission. Don't pay any attention to the "Republican" part of our name, as all are welcome and we hope you will come to hear us. It is pot luck and we meet at 2735 Hwy 64, suite 101, in the Deer Creek Crossing Center, which is about two city blocks west of where Hwy 196 crosses Hwy 64. We eat at 6:30 and the meeting starts at 7:00.


Our Hickory Withe Community Association meets next Thursday, February 2. It is pot luck and we meet at 6:30 at Hickory Withe First Baptist Church, on Hwy 196, one half mile north of Hwy 64. Great fellowship and get to know your neighbors.


Pleasure to be your Commissioner and if you need me, email or call 901 496-0247.


Kindest regards,

Homer Bunker